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Count on Us

Ever since we opened our doors in 2022, we had one goal in mind: offering our guests a comfortable, affordable and all around exceptional accommodation. Tecopa Palms Therapeutic Hot Springs Resort covers every aspect of your stay: central location, cozy beds, beautiful RV's, refreshing mineral pools, and superb services. Take a look at our site to learn more about us, and book your stay with us today! Have more questions, just give us a call! We will be more than happy to help in booking your stay with us.

What you should know about the Tecopa area on your visit, and a little extra!

If you are coming, just for the day or for the weekend. There are a few things you should know about the Tecopa area!  First, always travel with enough fresh water for your party for at least two days! We are in Death Valley in the middle of nowhere, not very many stores close by. The water in Tecopa is too high in mineral content for drinking, (that's why it's important that you travel with water.) But it's great for soaking away your aches and pains! Tecopa does have a water kiosk (The Tecopa Drip) where water can be purchased. Located off of Furnace Creek Rd on the corner of Bob White Way.  Make sure to bring a water jug with you!


Always, make sure you have a towel and soap! This is important, because without a towel and soap you cannot enter the mineral pools. It is required to shower before entering the pools! If you do not have these items. They can be purchased in the office. 1-towel for $3 or 2-towels for $5, soap is free with pool pass in the office. HYDRATION! This is very important. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water when using the mineral pools or just exploring the area. Your body will lose a lot of its water and salt by sweating!

 We are located an hour south of Death Valley National Park, 7 miles from the China Date Ranch, 9 miles south-southeast of Shoshone, 38 miles northeast of Pahrump, 90 minutes west of Las Vegas, and 50 minutes north of Baker (known for having the world's tallest thermometer).


At first glance, Tecopa doesn't look like much. Historically, Tecopa's economy was based on silver and lead mining, that has been slowly transitioning to an ecotourist and resort town.  Known for its mineral enriched hot springs. And named after the Paiute leader Chief Tecopa.  Tecopa has its share of abandoned, buildings, and beautiful desert views—good for photos. There isn't much in the way of cellphone service. GPS or google maps are slightly more reliable. Despite, our remote nature, Tecopa attracts visitors from all over the world.


Tecopa sits along the Amargosa River, which runs mostly underground with the waters emerging sporadically. Down in the dry lakebed, 150 feet North of our main pool house. Our pools drain their water, helping to provide a much-needed water source for the Amargosa Voles. They are on the #1 endangered species list, and this is the only area in the world this endangered species lives. Dependent on the higher-than-normal water temperatures year around that Tecopa's natural hot springs provide.

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